Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bizaro World

What do you do when you are in the midst of an economic crisis, you have jobs leaving your state in record numbers and not enough money to fund the programs you have in place? I know. Create a policy demanding an end to the evil use of coal. Sure you'll have to raise electric rates to sky high levels to get there, but what are a few more homeless people in Los Angeles.

That is exactly what is currently happening. Here is a link to the story in the L.A. Times. Sure they only raised the rates 20 percent this time around, but more are on the way.

Wait here is the best part. What are they going to do with the money?

"Villaraigosa said the money would help pay for the hiring of "green doctors" to evaluate the energy efficiency of homes and stepped-up efforts to help residents obtain energy-efficient light bulbs and refrigerators."

Yep. They are going to take your money so that they can hire someone to sniff around in your fridge to make sure it is using the most efficient light bulb possible. God forbid you can't afford a new fridge due to the higher electric bills, because you know some of those fridges are killing polar bears. You are definitely going to need to be taxed for not having a more efficient fridge.

Wait do you hear that.... It's the sound of more businesses leaving California.

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