Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Day the Cat Died

It was a romantic day from the start. I know that contradicts the title of the post, but you'll soon understand. As I was saying this particular day was one where my wife and I just seemed to be connecting on all levels. Of course we usually get along. We aren't the type of couple to have disagreements or fight. In fact most couples would say that after five years of marriage we are still sickly sweet to one another. I like it that way. This day though was one that had our relationship firing on all cylinders.

We awoke together after sleeping in just a bit, cuddled a while and turned on the radio as we started the day. While cleaning is much of a romantic thing to do we made the best of it. We laughed joked and snapped each other with towels, just the general flirtatous behavior you should expect from a couple.

We both had a commitment for the early afternoon so we bid farewell with a kiss and left to accomplish our tasks. I had been contemplating what a great morning it had been, and on my way home decided to call my wife and ask her on a date. By the time I arrived home she was ready to go. The work I'd been doing involved tearing up a floor so I was in definete need of a shower. My wife waited patiently as I hurriedly finished a shower and changed into fresh clothes.

Soon we were on the road to the restaurant of her choosing. She chose a sports bar. While it was far from a romantic setting I knew she did it to allow me to see some of the sporting events I was missing. My wife really does love me. After a wonderful dinner we took in a movie. It wasn't good, but it mattered not. We spent the evening together.

By the time we arrived home we were certainly feeling romantic after this day spent together. I lit a candle, shut the bedroom door and embraced my wife in my arms. It wasn't long before I heard our cat push open the door. Sure this was an intrusion into our private time, but I was not going to be detered.

"What is that smell" my wife said with a hint of disgust in her voice. I could smell it too. Yes it was bad. It was then that we looked over and nearly in unison cried out in horror as to what we were seeing. The cat's tail was on FIRE! She hadn't yet appeared to notice, and I believe it was our screams that sent the flaming ball of fire scurrying through the house.

Needless to say our moment of intimacy was over. We spent the next few moments chasing down the cat whose tail was now charred.

No the cat didn't really die, either by flame or my frustrated hands.


Mookie said...

Setting the cat on fire now huh??? I'm sure the cat blames you for this!

Good story for me to read on a Monday morning!!!

Anonymous said...

Very funny. Wild end to a romantic encounter.

Wish you well.


Anonymous said...

Very cute story, but I want to know more about the kitty! Did it get badly burned? Is it OK?

Paul J. said...

Woah, that's pretty remarkable.

Good thing its tail didn't set fire to the curtains or other stuff around the house!