Monday, September 29, 2008

Fighting News Depression

There is no doubt that our country is in one of the worst financial positions we have seen since the seventies and possibly the thirties. This is scary for me. I love this country and feel we are walking a tight rope. We are holding on tightly but on every side looms danger. I have been seeing it on the news. Talking about it with coworkers and fellow bloggers. I have been consumed with the idea of stopping this financial bailout. For fear of what it will do to our country. Is it a step towards socialism? Yes. Is it going to forever change our country if passed? Yes. As I have been considering the magnitude of the decision congress is about to make, and feeling that it's passage is all but inevitable, I have begun to feel a bit depressed.

So, to combat that I would like to blog for a moment about why our country is great.

Our country is great because it provides opportunities to every citizen unlike any country in history.
Our country is great because you can pursue any dream you desire for you and your family.
This country is great because of the sacrifice of those who have gone before us.
This country is great because we stand up for what is right regardless of the cost.
This country is great because you can worship your God in any manner of your choosing.
This country is great because you can achieve your dreams regardless of your upbringing.
This country is great because you have the freedom to express conflicting views.
This country is great because we value human life.
This country is great because we were founded on biblical principles.
This country is great because we allow for diversity in people and thought.

This country is great because we have risen to every challenge that comes our way. Though the cost may be great we have stood to face every enemy whether it be from outside our borders, or even within. We will make it through this crisis as well. We will endure.

There may be difficult times ahead. You may be asked to sacrifice. You may be required to give everything you have gained over a lifetime in sacrifice for your family and the generations that follow. But if you do, you will be joining other great men and women in America's past, men and women in the armed forces, spouses who have raised children alone to allow their loved ones to fight, children who have helped their parents endure through tough times. Great men like our forefathers; John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Thomas Payne who though they had much risked it all for what they knew was going to be a great nation. A nation whose promise of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness has caused whispers of dreams fulfilled all around the world. America is a dream that caused only the most brave, only the most strong of heart to board vessels with little more than that dream in their heart. Ladies and gentlemen that is a dream so strong people are still coming to fulfill today.

This is a great country, and though we may have tough times ahead, I know that Americans will rise to this occasion just as they have so many times before. Don't lose heart my friends though we have work to do, we are still the United States of America.

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Mookie said... well said, I don't think I can add anything without the risk of bringing the quality down a notch