Thursday, September 18, 2008

Is the Number 2 Enough for You?

For days following the selection of Palin as the running mate for McCain I heard democrats salivating over how this was the "dumbest" pick in presidential election history, and how this choice had squashed any chance McCain may have had to win the presidency.

Um.. maybe not. See my liberal friends the polls are now showing McCain and Obama in a dead heat and here is the thing. Palin is actually a conservative. Something the ticket had been lacking. So, many of the conservative folks out there who were considering a vote for Barr or simply staying home are now energized to see someone with strong moral character and real conservative principles representing the party.

The question I find myself asking is if having a conservative in the number 2 spot is enough of a consolation to cast a vote for McCain. Should I forget that McCain has sold me out on border security. Should I forget that McCain didn't care about energy independence until it was politically expedient. Should I allow amnesia to set in regarding McCain-Feingold.

I hate to be the stick in the mud of the republican party, but I'm not voting whether or not I want Palin for vice-president, which I do. I'm voting whether or not I want McCain for president.

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Anonymous said...

You ask an interesting question. No, for me the fact that a true conservative has been picked to run as Vice President is not really enough; however, I see it a gesture on John McCain's part to reach out to people like me. I also see it as part of a long-term strategy to put a true conservative into the White House.