Monday, November 3, 2008

What Do You Want From Your Government?

The basic decision in this year's election is whether you want the federal government to grow, or grow faster. In an effort to provide full disclosure I'll be voting for John McCain tomorrow morning when the polls open, however, if there were a candidate on the ticket who would shrink government, I'd be voting for them. And I don't mean a candidate who has no hope of attaining the presidency.

I feel like an orphan at this point. Left on the door step of the monastery by W, now 4 years later they are coming back pandering for my vote. Sad part is that just like an abused child who no matter how injured by the parent, continues to seek after their approval. Okay I'm getting off topic. Here is what I want my government to do.

1. Provide a military so powerful no one dares threaten our security.

2. Provide for a court system to settle disputes both civil and criminal.

3. Provide an interstate transportation system second to none.

4. Protect citizens abroad.

5. Ensure states make no law infringing on rights granted in the constitution and bill of rights.

I do not want my federal government to get involved in:

1. The economy

2. Education

3. Making life fair

4. Health care

5. Providing a safety net

If a state wants to get involved in those areas, great. As long as they don't infringe on your rights. What do you want your federal government to "do" for you?


Anonymous said...

I agree with you.

I also don't want the government to protect people from being "offended." I don't want the government to judge people's motives, as in "hate crimes."

Godfather said...

I think I agree with just about it all with the exception of Education. Now of course that also prompts the debate of "degree" of involvement.

I don't think, without wide-spread support we can provide quality education to all (which will be key in our future).

Mookie said...

You've been tagged....see my blog, copy and paste it to yours with you information!

Shawnna said...

I'm worried about you....what is happening??