Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Getting Fired!

I never thought getting fired might be the best thing that could happen. Last fall I began working at a job that while I enjoyed, was extremely stressful for my family as my schedule was very hectic. Often times I would leave the house at 6am and return as late as 9pm. As you can imagine after scarfing down a meal I was soon off to bed. Apparently my wife was wanting a little more time than that.

I knew she was wanting more time, but who quits a job in this economy without one to replace it. Didn't seem smart to me. Long story short, on March 15th I was informed that my services would no longer be needed. That's how you say, "You're Fired!, when you don't want your former employee to arrive on the company doorstep with a gun. I was without a job. For the first time in my life I had been fired.

I had imagined I would be upset by the news. I wasn't. I had imagined that I would be worried about how I would provide for my family. I wasn't. Instead I found that I had peace about the situation.

I start my new job tomorrow. I didn't really even have to look. It fell into my lap. I will be earning at least the same amount, quite possibly more. I will have insurance that was previously unavailable. And I will have more time to spend with my wife... and this blog. Both of which have been neglected.

The word of the day boys and girls is providence.


Mookie said...

The word of the day is Providence??? What in the world does the capital city of Rhode Island got to do with you getting fired and finding a new job? LOL (sorry I couldn't resist)

Glad things are working out for you, and in a better way. I know things will be much better for your family now that you will have more time. Now, that being said, I'm either going to have to find anohter job so I can quit, or be able to say a few things to the boss I've been wanting to say, so that maybe he'll decide my services are no longer needed!

DeadMule said...

Congratulations on your new job.