Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What REALLY happened

For those of you reading our facebook you are likely to think that my wife had to have a leg and half an arm amputated after our recent ATV accident. I'll clear the air. Yes we, or I, rolled it with her on the back. After reading her accounts you are likely to think we (read I) rolled this 4 wheel drive vehicle at a speed of roughly 75 miles per hour, causing us to be flung from the "vehicle of death" headlong until we collided with the ground causing injuries requiring immediate hospitalization.

Perhaps we remember this incident a bit differently as I ended up with no visible injuries, and she ended up with a couple bruises and a scraped arm. Here is how I would describe the incident.

From a complete stop we began to spin around in a donut. As we reached a 180 degree turn the vehicle began to tip. Unable to stop the momentum we fell off the side of the ATV from a height of approx. 3 feet. As we landed the vehicle continued to tumble and for a brief moment trapped my wife's leg under the metal roll bar. Which she easily pulled out from under vehicle. I was easily able to flip the ATV back onto it's wheels and we were motoring on in a matter of moments.

However, not wanting a good crisis to go to waste my wife is getting some really good "guilt mileage" out of the incident. Examples include; waking in the middle of the night, then waking me, pointing at the barely scratched elbow, making a pout face, and saying oh so sweetly, "will YOU get me a drink of water, It hurts too bad to get up."


Becky said...

Smart woman :) I bet you do actually get up and get the water! Wonder how much more mileage she can get out of it lol.

Scott said...

Imagine the guilt trip, if she had REALLY been hurt...c'mon! Man up Naomi! :-)