Thursday, July 30, 2009

... and my wife thinks it's funny.

I will keep this post short as it requires very little explanation.

Mother buys underwear in a roll from Wal-mart.
Gets them home unrolls them. Doesn't like them.

My wife takes them... AND IS WEARING THEM!

I am NOT ok with this. Sure my mother never wore them, But she did own them.


Mookie said...

It's twice as funny when you realize that your wife is literally wearing granny panties!!!

Anonymous said...

underwhere in a roll? that seems weird to me. but hey, your wife is nothing if not practical, so why shouldn't she wear them? i mean, haven't you ever gotten hand-me-downs or bought from a 2nd hand store? I'm with ya, Naomi!

All In said...


American Elephant said...

Call them her "creepy panties". When she wants a cuddle or a kiss, shudder, back away, and tell her you want to verify she doesn't have her creepy panties on first. They'll be gone in a week.