Sunday, October 11, 2009

Uncle Sam Doesn't Trust Me

I am currently fighting to restrain an all too familiar feeling. I have had this feeling while sitting in the DMV office, post office, or pretty much any other pathetically run government agency.

A few weeks back my wife and I applied for our passports. We both went to the post office, the only place to take care of this in our county. We both presented birth certificates along with drivers licenses as proof of identification and citizenship.

Today we checked the mail to discover that while my wife received her passport no problem, I get a letter from the field office in Seattle. It reads, and I quote, "Unfortunately the identification you provided is not sufficient for passport purposes."

WHAT? Actually it must be, otherwise you wouldn't have issued my wife's passport. Or it isn't actually enough, and you issued hers anyway. Either way I have deemed your office inept.

Well, that is what I would like to say to them when I call tomorrow, but I won't. I'll call the office to see exactly what I can do to resolve this matter. I will do so in a polite and courteous manner. I will jump through all their hoops until they have deemed my lack of an Egyptian accent sufficient to be rewarded with a passport.


Mookie said...

So, they have figured you out eh hoser??? You damned Canadians that were implanted into American women's wombs as part odf a stealth operation to expand Mountie services.....But those field officers in Seattle were just a bit too smart for you! Must be all that coffee they drink to keep their senses sharp!

DeadMule said...

Why are American citizens with Egyptian accents unworthy? The situation shows incompetence, but why resort to racial slurs to make your point?

All In said...


American citizens with Egyptian accents are just as worthy of having a passport as any other American citizen.

Godfather said...

So, did you get it yet?