Monday, June 1, 2009

Ahh... To be a Man

We were rushing out the door this past Sunday as we were meeting the rest of our family 30 miles away to attend the baptism of a long time friend. My wife's father is also in town. He's been here roughly 3 weeks. It has been a blast and I'm sad to say he is leaving next Sunday. But I digress.

We had gotten moving a little later than we should have and Naomi was scrounging around the kitchen for something to eat on the way. Finally we gave up and decided to grab something on the way. We hopped in our pickup and took off down the road. Naomi had jumped int he back seat to give her taller father more room in the front seat. I enjoyed this as I could make eye contact with my good looking wife in the rear view mirror.

We were making eyes at one another as we were driving through town when suddenly her entire demeanor had changed. Something was wrong. Normally it doesn't take long for me to figure out what the problem happens to be, for usually it was something that I or someone else had said. But instead the vehicle was quiet when the change occurred. I was genuinely perplexed, and attempted to make eye contact with my wife, she was having none of it.

As we arrived in the Cody where we were meeting up with my folks for the final 30 mile drive, I finally caught her eye. She was saying something. Mouthing it voicelessly. I was excited that I now had an opportunity to resolve this obvious misunderstanding, but I could not make out what she was trying to say. I asked her to repeat it. She did. I still couldn't understand. I knew this was obviously something she wanted to keep between us, so I smiled as sweetly as I could to her in the mirror and shook my head yes. This obviously didn't alleviate the problem.

A few miles later as we were pulling into the parking lot where we were meeting it suddenly came to me like a pile of bricks falling from a multi-story building. My wife was hungry. I promised her we would stop somewhere in town before we left, but instead I drove right on by each restaurant. Then as we approached the next restaurant she looked at me in the mirror and mouthed the words, "Am I too fat?"

I was replaying it in my mind and yes.... I had shaken my head yes, all the while grinning like a dope.

Not good.


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oh my goodness! I think i laughed for 3 minutes straight! way to go, Jay, way to go!