Friday, May 29, 2009

2nd Amendment - What is your purpose?

What is the purpose of the second amendment anyway? In many countries they have no second amendment. No right to bear arms. So what was it our forefathers were trying to do when they established this most controversial amendment? Which of the following views do you espouse?

1. They were trying to protect the right of the military to protect us from foreign threats. Since there was no full-time army at the time, soldiers were made of citizens and often times their personal firearms.

Since the government has taken over that roll with a full time military, and provides the soldiers with firepower, there is therefore no need for this antiquated amendment.

2. They were protecting the right of the people to hunt for their food. At the time this was written many families relied on hunting as one of their main sources of food. The founders were attempting to protect that and as such placed it in prominence in the constitution.

Since we now have farm raised beef and other meats readily available at your local grocer there is no longer a need for you as a citizen to stalk off into the woods to bring home a meal for your family. Now you are able to do the same thing in flip flops and t-shirt. Drop your gun off to be disposed of at your local law enforcement office.

3. As the founders had found even the best of governments can grow corrupt over time. They wanted to provide the citizens of this new country a way to rise up against the leaders of this country if they themselves become corrupt.

If you drop by your local gun dealer you will find that firearms are selling quicker than they can be put on the shelves and ammunition is even more scarce. It can be very hard to find certain calibers of bullets. I can only wonder why there are so many people buying these rounds as soon as they are placed on the shelves.


Mookie said...

Um, I'm going to go out on a limb here..hatemonger that I am and all, and say Option 3 is the original intent and purpose, the other two options are merely gravy on top of the meat and potatoes.

As for the low supply/high demand on ammunition, the case is being pushed by the rumors of ammo rationing and/or registration. While it is being denied and/or heralded in some circles, the NRA has been pushing hard on campaigns to avoid any such restrictions whether or not the push for such is true. And let me tell you, the monetary push from the NRA has been heavy, I get a solicitation for the political action wing weekly!

DeadMule said...

#1. We've outgrown the need to have guns.

Then again, do we need professional "bad men"? Bad men (and women) need guns to prove they are strong. Good men (and women) are naturally strong and don't need guns to prove it. Time for the good to refuse to look "bad".

Mookie said...


Interesting consideration. But let me ask you this. If all the good men (and women) give up their guns, who's to stop the bad men? The force of Law and reason obviously has a much lesser effect over these bad men with guns than the good men.

And once you take away the citizen's right to keep and bear arms, what's to stop the other rights from being taken away by the government who knows all and can supply all. The Rights to freedom of the press, free speech and expression are the next most easily threatened.

The government, in the interest of protecting us from severe global climate change could decide that since we have computers we no longer need paper. Which of course means no more of your poetry books going out, except for maybe in the form of e-books. An e-book is all fine and good, however say the government also needs to reduce our energy consumption which may require them to ration the use of computers to themselves and to whom they decide has a worthy need of computers, be it a favored business owner, or those organizations who help profess the government's opinion of how things are in the world.

Does this seem like a huge jump in the road of conclusions? Yes, here in America it does, but look at China, or the old Soviet Union, Venezuela..all examples of highly controlled access to information, along with very tight restrictions on gun ownership, which renders the populace essentially powerless against their government no matter what the issue is, or how it affects the people.

Anonymous said...

Well, Helen.

Let's see. If all the bad men and bad women use their guns on the good men and the good women, the world will be populated by only bad people.

Great vision you have there!