Thursday, July 2, 2009

4th of July Hawaii Vacation

Would you be willing to take your 4th of July holiday in Hawaii if it were totally free? Of course I ask the question because N. Korea is threatening to launch a nuclear weapons test in the direction of our Hawaiian islands. Well, I don't think I would take my family, but if I were a single guy I think my answer would be yes. While I'm not willing to take a chance with my family, I am quite certain that all N. Korea is doing is rattling it's sabres.
Imagine the consequences of launching a nuclear weapon on Hawaii. First we intercept the rocket with our own missile defenses, then we proceed to wipe the diaper wearing midget off the map. Oh... wait. That is what Bush would have done. Obama will go to the United Nations and get a resolution declaring N. Korea bad... bad rogue nation. On the other hand I think I'll stay home for the holiday. Have a great Independence Day.

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Mookie said...

Wasn't Bush also condemned by leftists and the international community for mentioning that North Korea was a "rogue nation"?