Sunday, July 13, 2008

Life... Taking a Poo on Me

Have you ever been driving down the city street and wished the vehicle next to you would, "do something" about that noise emitting from their vehicle. That was the thought running through my mind as I rode my motorcycle home following a wonderful dinner with friends.

After a couple of blocks though, I realized it was my vehicle making the noise. Not only was it making a noise, I began to smell fire. A scary prospect when riding on only 2 wheels. My wife and I quickly pulled into a nearby parking lot. That is when I discovered the most horrifying fact. Someone had "hit and run" me while I was enjoying my meal in the restaurant. They had backed into my bike, severely denting the fender and pushing it up against the tire, causing the noise, and the friction causing the paint to burn. I was not pleased. I called the authorities.

Now I don't know if you know it or not, but the police have more important things to deal with than simple hit and runs. Matter of fact, they won't even send an officer to take a report. I went from "not pleased" to very angry. I called my insurance company.

After going through the mind numbing prompts, I got an agent on the phone. She told me that I could pull the fender off the tire if I wanted to, but if I did, she couldn't guarantee they would pay for the damage. She could have someone out to look at the damage the following day. Due to the fact that I didn't feel much like walking the 5 miles home, I asked how in the world she expected me arrive home this evening. She asked if I was expecting a tow. Apparently she thinks a city wrecker can tow a motorcycle. If you are wondering... they can't. At this point I went from "very angry" to livid. I pulled the fender off the tire and drove back to the restaurant cringing at every bump.

To my surprise there were some witnesses to the accident in the outside seating area. They identified the vehicle and license plate. Suddenly the police decided this was worth their time. They would send a patrolman. The anger barometer began to decline, I called back the insurance company.

This time I spoke to a very reassuring agent named Wes. Wes was very kind and assured me that though the adjuster would not be able to look at the vehicle until the following day they would most assuredly pay for the damage. Almost back to tolerable to be around. We drove home.

The accident happened around 6:30PM, at roughly 11:30 the police arrived to take a statement. They have tracked the offending vehicle to a rent-a-car company, and believe they can ascertain who was driving at the time. I am gleeful at the idea of putting behind bars whoever may be responsible for the damage to my precious motorcycle. If only the death penalty could be extended to hit and run.

Today's sermon was about forgiveness. Darn you preacher.


Mookie said...

My vehicle was the victim of a hit and run at Dani's work. Security cameras all over the place, but not on THAT lot. Forget making a report or even bothering the insurance company with something that doesnt affect the running of the car. Although now, I blame everything that goes wrong with the car on that cursed unidentified person. I was working when church started, so if there was ever a sermon on forgiveness, I can claim ignorance!!! (just kidding)

Shawnna said...

Very funny post! Although I'm sure it wasn't so funny for you at the time.... I was really laughing out loud and had to read it to my husband. Hope everything works out. Be blessed.

DeadMule said...

Your last two lines blew me away. Isn't it just like God to send a reminder just when we have our act down pat. :-)

Godfather said...

Didn't catch the guy that hit both of our bikes at the same time (yes, in a parking lot at a restaurant). Can they tack on a couple months for your guy and call it good?