Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wrong on Ramsey Case

Officials cleared the immediate family of JonBenet Ramsey in her death Wednesday thanks to new DNA evidence that links the murder to a still unknown man.

I believe I'm the kind of person that can admit when I'm wrong. I'll have to admit I've thought all this time that one of the Ramsey's committed the murder of this little girl. I mean there is just too much funny stuff with this case. Perhaps they had something to do with it, but the recent DNA evidence to come back suggests otherwise. Were you wrong too?


Anonymous said...

Hi Jay-
I don't believe I ever really thought her family had anything to do with her death....maybe I am just naive but I have such a hard time imagining that being a mother of 5 myself. BUT...maybe there was something kind of hinky going on that they were a part of. Who knows? Wonder if we ever will? It's still one of the saddest stories.
Much peace, Shawnna

All In said...

Welcome to my blog. You know I'm not one to jump to presume guilt in most cases. OJ excluded. But for some reason this case just seemed odd to me. I guess you can't judge how you think someone should react when the unthinkable hits home. Thanks for stopping by. Your comments are always welcome.