Monday, July 21, 2008

Solutions to Poverty and the Welfare State

In recent posts I have given some examples of abuse and fraud in our social welfare system. It is not my goal to hurt those who need the system. It is not my goal to keep poor people in their place. It is my goal to help more individuals attain the American dream. The difference between myself and the democrat party is simply how to get there.

Here are some problems that need addressing if we are to move people away from poverty. Generational poverty. Lack of education. Diminished moral. I know there are more, but we are going to take this slow.

First of all there has to be some sort of motivation to move from poverty to standing on your own. That is the reason living on the public dole must be difficult. It isn't harsh. It is the best thing we can do for a person in need. After the birth of a baby giraffe the mother runs up and kicks the baby until it stands on it's own feet. This is done only out of love, for if it does not learn to quickly stand and run it will be devoured by predators.

I remember walking down the sidewalk as a kid and every so often you would see a plaque on saying this was built by the WPA in 19-whenever. It was all part of the new deal instituted by FDR. I propose a return to this system. If you want to be included in the system you must work your scheduled hours. Many city, county, and state labor jobs could be included here. Saving the state money, and giving those on the system, a sense of accomplishment. Those unable or not wishing to participate can either forgo the assistance or attend classes in parenting, a trade, or something else to aide in a job in the future. If you aren't participating in one or more you will not receive services. Period. Even single mothers can find time to attend classes.

I believe this system would go a long way to solve many of the problems listed below. It isn't the end game, or all that must be done, but it is my first step.

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Mookie said...

Sounds like you've been giving this some pretty serious thought. In addition I would like to add in that welfare assistance should be on a graduated scale. So instead of the family of four making $19,999 getting full benefits, while the family of four next door makes $20,015 gets absolutely nothing, we move to give percentages depending on your level of household income. We still keep it difficult to be on the government cheese, but not necessarily an all or nothing plan. Your thoughts?
I like your system of using the old PWA plan for those who are unemployed. I think we'd see more balanced budgets, especially with less multimillion dollar contracts that actually cost at most 1/2 of the bid secured. More money would be available to the city budgets to repair the water/sewer lines that seem to be going downhill across the majority of the country.