Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Reporter Doesn't Get It

The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ has been called into question by a
radical new interpretation of a tablet found on the eastern bank of the Dead
The three-foot stone tablet appears to refer to a Messiah who rises from
the grave three days after his death — even though it was written decades before
the birth of Jesus.
The ink is badly faded on much of the tablet, known as
Gabriel's Vision of Revelation, which was written rather than engraved in the
1st century B.C. This has led some experts to claim that the inscription has
been overinterpreted.
A previous paper published by the scholars Ada Yardeni
and Binyamin Elitzur concluded that the most controversial lines were
Israel Knohl, a biblical studies professor at the Hebrew
University of Jerusalem, argued Monday that line 80 of the text revealed Gabriel
telling an historic Jewish rebel named Simon, who was killed by the Romans four
years before the birth of Christ: "In three days you shall live, I, Gabriel,
command you."
Professor Knohl contends that the tablet proves that messianic
followers possessed the paradigm of their leader rising from the grave before
Jesus was born.
He said that the text "could be the missing link between
Judaism and Christianity in so far as it roots the Christian belief in the
resurrection of the Messiah in Jewish tradition." -Fox News

What? This is the most ridiculous article I've ever seen. Really? "the missing link for the Christian belief in the resurrection of the Messiah in Jewish tradition." Hey Fox News, Next time let some one who has read the bible write the story.


DeadMule said...

Jay, This is all over the news. Fox didn't write this story.

All In said...

I don't care who "got the scoop". It is bad journalism. The old testament is chuck full of prophesies predicting the death and resurection of Christ. Why is this touted as some sort of first?

Eve said...

Golly, people are not very well read. News flash: just about every ancient culture has its story of a hero who died and came back to life; a flood story; an original man and woman story. God's truth is everywhere; the fact that a resurrection story occurred before it actually happened is just another witness to how deep our connection to God runs. I guess these folks don't read much ancient literature.