Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Where I'm coming From

While working in Missouri a woman strolled through the doors carrying a baby and pushing a stroller at the same time. This is a feat. Much respect for moms all across the country toting with them their youngsters. I had known both this woman and her husband for some time now. They were excellent customers. On most occasions they were a cheerful lot bringing joy to those around them. Such was not the case during this incident, which was about to get ugly. She wanted my opinion.
She was wagging her finger in the her husbands face saying her paycheck was getting cut because of him. Let me explain. This couple, though pleasant and fun to be with, had been on the public dole from the time they moved out on their own, about 5 years at this point. The mother had taken a test when she was in middle school and had been identified as learning disabled. An apparent disability that I was unable to see from my vantage point, and it certainly hadn't hampered her ability to mother two children. So, at this point in addition to her "disability" she received food stamps, housing assistance, wic, and a host of other financial incentives. I had been to their home. They had two cars, sat elite tv, a flat screen bigger than my twenty inch and of course 3 video game systems to pass the time not spent working.
Here is where the trouble began. A few days prior I had encouraged the husband to get a job at a local car dealership, a position he took and loved. This simple act however cut her "paycheck" as she called it, in half. Now I was in the middle of a marital war. She demanded he quit, He demanded she get off her lazy but and get a job. I was in a pickle.

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Mookie said...

WOW! I would've hated to be you at that point, although I think I would've hated to be the husband worse.
It seems to me that he wanted to be what God intended him to be, and that is a MAN, who is PRODUCTIVE, FRUITFUL. And yet, here is his wife, whom I am sure is a lovely person, who has been brainwashed with the idea that doing nothing productive (outside raising her children) leaves her entitled to receive money. Your ordination from God vs the love and scorn from your wife. YIKES!
I sure hope she turned around, or those kids are going to be confused when they grow up.