Friday, May 29, 2009

Quick Adoption Update

Today while I was working my wife headed to Billings for an all church garage sale to benefit those adopting from Ethiopia. We had been under the impression that it would take a LONG time to get a placement from the agency we are working with. As it turns out, that has not been the case for a few other families.

Just as soon as they turned in their cash to the agency they were given placements. What does that mean? Well, we may be able to have pictures of our kids soon. Of course we are not exactly swimming in cash, so it may take us a bit longer than some of the other families, but we are still very excited about this news.

I don't normally use this as place to talk about our adoption, but well, I'm excited. So deal with it.

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Mookie said...

Glad to hear things can move along swimmingly once you get your money turned in. Hope it works out as quickly as expected for you two!