Friday, May 1, 2009

Firing the Cable Company

As of yesterday afternoon my wife and I no longer subscribe to cable television. When we were first married we went with out cable for the first year. During that time we read, I worked in my wood shop, and we found other things to do as well.
Our cable bill went up to 120 dollars this past month and finally we said enough already. It isn't that TV is the devil or anything, it is just a time killer. Here are the shows I will continue to watch on-line.
Hell's Kitchen
Lie to Me
I will miss out on American Idol...but will watch football with my folks when the season picks up again this fall. In the mean time I will save $1440 a year. All while still able to watch my favorite shows with no commercials. Why didn't I do this sooner. That will be an additional $1440 to go towards our adoption.
The line item veto, your best friend when doing the family budget.

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Mookie said...

if only our government would learn how to line item veto....imagine how much less money we'd spend on everyhting under the sun for the transportation bill, or the agriculture bill, which end up containing more money for totally unrelated projects and services, than the actual named bill does!