Sunday, May 24, 2009

Yellowstone on the Holiday Weekend

This is a small lake just south of Yellowstone lake. Most of Yellowstone lake was frozen over. This lake on the other hand was created when magma and water combined under the surface of the earth... exploded from the steam pressure and is constantly refilled from the underground stream..... or so the info describing the lake claimed.

This is taken right on the edge of Yellowstone lake. One of the few spots of the lake not completely frozen over at this point. I'm not sure what kind of bird/duck this is. It has webbed feet like a duck, but a beak like a bird. Any help here...

See... I told you it was still frozen over. And you didn't believe me.

Elk. Taken near one of the many steam pots.

Obligatory shot of a bison. They are in abundance in Yellowstone. This was about 15 feet from the side of our vehicle.

This picture of a moose was not taken inside Yellowstone but about 30 miles outside the park. About an hours drive from our place.

This is a picture of my wife attacking me completely unprovoked, with a big ball of snow and ice. She would like you to believe I had thrown a snowball at her first. She is not to be believed. She lies... a lot.


Mookie said...

You know, I too have experienced unprovoked attacks from my "better half".

IT's amazing how quickly they are able to turn the tables and blame you as the aggressor. And everyone naturally just believes them.

As for your wife's lying...well the The Great Wyoming Sugar Beet Debate and all subsequent propaganda associated with it is proof enough for me brother!!

p.s. Don't tell her I said that, I don't want some snow stored in the freezer for our visit in july!!!

All In said...

Remember mookie, my wife needs no provocation to store snow for your visit in July. She may already have some in wait. I'll do my best to protect you.... throwing my body in between you and the icy cold projectile of death if need be, but I can make no promises.

Mookie said...

I am not afraid to sacrifice the mini-mookies!!!

All In said...

Brilliant. Why should we suffer the effects when you have raised up young heroes for just such an occassion. We will have to perform the cerimonial kamakazi rights before they are sent to their chilly fate.

Anonymous said...

Your bird is a seagull (cant tell what variety from the pic, they are mostly very similar). How strange. We have tons of them here in the Puget Sound area, but I didn't know there were seagulls so far inland.

All In said...

AE - Thanks. I guess I always pictured seagulls to be quite a bit bigger than these were. They were no bigger than a crow. Interesting.

Mookie said...

I'm going to have to go ahead and disagree with AE on this one. It is not a seagull, but a cleverly disguised White-Breasted Rocky Mountain Brain Pecker. I have it on good confidence that this was the true demise of DB Cooper....You see, they migrate to far western states for a vacation from time to time, and I believe...according to the ultra top secret files that I have obtained from a certain classified alien ship crew (I'll not go into what I had to do to obtain such information) that DB Cooper landed quite safely, and then before he was able to get anywhere was viciously attacked by a flock of these Brain Peckers, and the rest of the remains and money was eaten up by wild boars.