Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Are you "All In"

I am very happy for a friend of mine who recently took a pastorate in Dixon, California. Jeff Myers is a great man of God and is someone who you can be totally honest about with your failures. I was thinking about Jeff today because he did a sermon called "All In" that became the name of this here blog.

Funniest thing about it is that I haven't even heard the sermon. Simply the idea caught hold in my mind. Have you ever played no limit texas hold em. Wow. One of my favorite games to say the least. Deception, reading people, some skill, and nerves of steel are what make you a great player in this game.

There comes a point in each game though, when you read your cards, the cards on the table and your opponents and you say to yourself. It is all or nothing. I am risking it all on these cards. If I'm wrong, I've lost and the game is over for me.

There is something special about that moment when you finally make that decision and you push every last remaining chip into the center of the table. You sit back survey the situation, breath deep and feel the pounding of your heart in your chest. You know that your fate rests for better or for worse in the events that are about to play themselves out. I love that feeling.

In some games especially when I've slowly bled chips it is less dramatic. Just an attempt to stay in the game. Other times it is more of an attempt to finish off another player, or just to buy the pot. (poker players will understand.)

The question I pose, and I assume the question Pastor Jeff was posing, is are you "All In" regarding your walk with Christ. Or are you just putting in your ante to stay in the game. Think about it.

*I have never actually bet money on a game.
*If you would like to find out more about Jeff Myers, see the link on my blog roll.


Jeff Myers said...

Wow! Look at you - bloggin' with the big boys! It's good to hear from you. I like the trend of blogging about me. I think this should be the over-arching theme for your entire blog. :-)

All In said...

I actually would have signed out before putting a comment on yours if I had remembered. I get a little embarrassed when I'm around the blog-father.

mike lovell said...

Wow, this said something to me. I have a habit of letting life get in the way. I credit God for giving me an absolutely amazing immune system, but I many times forget about crediting him for the other blessings in my life. I shirk my Paternal responsibility to get my family to church in exchange for some sleep. I don't take personal bible study time for myself, usuallymaking an excuse for it. I know God is there, but I think I really do nothing more than chip in the ante without actually playing the game. It was easy when I stayed with you in MO, but here I leave myself an excuse out, and have strayed from the path in respects to active participation.

Mookie said...

Let this be said....I like this Jeff Myers! Great comment!