Thursday, April 17, 2008

Warning: Dangerous Content!

MOUNT VERNON, Ohio — An Ohio middle school teacher says he won't obey an order to remove a Bible from view of students.
John Freshwater said Wednesday he agreed to remove a collage from his classroom that included the Ten Commandments, but that asking him to remove the Bible on his desk goes too far.
Officials with the Mount Vernon School District say they don't oppose religion but are required by the U.S. Constitution not to promote or favor any set of religious beliefs.
Freshwater says being forced to keep the Bible out of sight would infringe on his rights.
Mount Vernon is about 40 miles northeast of Columbus. -Fox News


Mookie said...

Isn't it interesting that they only talk about the portion where they can't promote it? I thought there was another part that couldn't take it away. And technically speaking, unless they subsidize the book itself in that school, they have fulfilled their role in non-promotion.

Anonymous said...

!Esta muy interesante!

Renaissance Guy said...

What makes people so scared of a book? Hmm. . .

How would the mere presence of a book harm anyone?

And aren't many of the people who oppose having a Bible in school the same ones who usually oppose censorship?

All In said...

I intentionally didn't post about this story initially because I wanted to see your comments.

I don't mind the attack on the Bible. It shows that even though some claim to believe God is nonexistant, they still seem to have something in them that knows the Word of God is powerful.