Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ticket Insurance

Don’t like paying speeding tickets? Now you won't have too, if you buy into a new service called Traffic Care.
Founded by retired police officer Troy Simpson, Traffic Care works as a ticket insurance that picks up the tab for ticket fines and for subsequent increases in insurance premiums, reported.
“A ticket is written every 2 seconds in America,“ Simpson told the TV station, “I knew that the traffic ticket industry — and it is an industry — is a billion-dollar-a-year industry nationally.”
Simpson now taps into that industry, by offering to cover ticket costs for a monthly fee of $12.95. Traffic Care members are allowed up to seven moving violations per month, including “speeding, red light, seatbelt, stop sign, yield sign, illegal lane change, anything considered hazardous,” Simpson said. Parking tickets aren't included.
At $156 a year, some drivers may question the service’s worth. One Traffic Care customer told the station, however, that she’s never gotten a ticket but pays for the peace of mind. Traffic Care says 80 percent of its clients never get tickets, the station reported. -Fox News

Should you be allowed to purchase insurance which would allow you to break the law at will. It would seem to me that clients of this insurance plan would speed at will, thereby endangering the lives of others.


Mookie said...

Well, I would say that speeding in and of itself isn't necessarily endangering the lives of others. As a patrol officer I put in well over 100 miles every single night, and when I'm out on the thoroughfares and freeway, I average 10mph over the posted limits, yet I have no accidents. Other people, who obey speed limits religiously have been involved in accidents. With the exception of speeding and seatbelt violations, I can see your point. But when it comes to being a dangerous driver, (other than driving 100mph everywhere including tight turns and walmart parking lots), its more about paying attention to your surroundings and conditions than it is your speed, IMHO.

All In said...

I would argue, however, that the reason you keep it to 10 miles over the limit is because if you went 25 over the speed limit you would surely get pulled over. and 50 in a 25 would be endangering the lives of others. In addition, as the story suggests, this is not only for speeding. It also includes running red lights and stop signs, illegal lane changes and more.

Mookie said...

Well sure, what you said is all true..although in my patrol car I doubt DMPD would pull me over unless I was doing 85 in the 25...the suburb cops on the other hand...point taken! And for the light and stop sign running, yeah, I was in agreement with you from the get go...those people need more than ticket insurance if they ever hit me doing that!!! My NECK, my BACK, my neck AND my back...I need $150,000, but we can settle out of court right now for $20! LOL