Saturday, April 12, 2008

More on Health Care

But Jay, Are you saying that I don't have the "right" to be seen by a doctor when I am sick? Yep. That is what I'm saying. I don't see anywhere in the constitution where you are guaranteed the right to medical care.

Now let me clarify. You have the right to health care in the way you have the right to eat a ham sandwich. Sure you can have it. No one has the right to stop you. But YOU have to pay for the ham sandwich, and you should have to pay for the health care if you want it.

Due to the way our system works, they do not turn people away in emergency situations. That is an oath they have taken, and it is a noble thing to do. However, YOU are still responsible for the services YOU have purchased.

Again redistribution of income is not the American way. More on this topic later.

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mike lovell said...

Um, you're forgetting one thing with your ham sandwich analogy. If its the last ham sandwich in the deli, and I, Super Rentacop, come in demanding a ham sandwich, I will make the counter guy show me who's ordered the sandwich, and I will confiscate the sandwich. You have NO RIGHT to MY ham sandwich...I will assume you plan on resisting! LOL Great analogy!