Monday, April 28, 2008

Seeing Old Friends

I am the second in a series of 3 boys. I know what your thinking, and you're right. My mother deserves a medal. There is only about 5 years age difference between us, and since early highschool we have grown very close. The oldest of the three was married 5 years ago, I was married 3 years ago, and the youngest, Jerimiah, took his vows this weekend.

Since my brothers and I are so close in age we pretty much enjoy the same company and have mutual friends. Many of whom were in the wedding party or in attendance this weekend. Long story short I laughed until I cried, and my stomach still hurts today in the after effects.

Good friends. I'll take them over cars, homes and money. The good ones will travel any distance or endure any cost when you need them. Congradulations to my baby brother and thanks to all our friends who made the trip. I hope to see you soon.

One more thing. It is possible there is a video floating about with my brother and me dancing to dualling banjos. I would encourage you not to watch it but I'm sure that it would only fuel your curiousity. Keep checking back. I'm sure someone will sell me out.


Mookie said...

Oh just wait until my more technologically advanced better half gets it up and running...I think I can run a video on my page, so they might be able to just click onto my blog here to see it when its good to go! Oh, and I've bored with the myspace blogging (guess the feeling like a 14 yr old girl is finally hitting me), so if you want, go ahead and change the link to my blog on this site....Talk to you soon!

Shirley said...

Want, want the video!

Mookie said...

click on "mind of mookie" in Jay's blog roll. the vid is up and ready for viewing under the blog posting "And so goes the last brother".