Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Blood Sport

Let men be men. Lets face it, guys enjoy fighting. Most guys anyway. We enjoy the battle even if we lose. On May 24th I'll be watching the latest Ultimate Fighting Championship fights. Yes it is brutal and sometimes bloody. So what is wrong with that.

Stop feminizing men. Let us be warriors. Let us fight for what is right. Let us celebrate what it is to be a man.

To be a man you should;

Show love to your family sometimes through physical affection.
Support your wife if you have one.
Encourage your kids if you have them.

Some would like to end the list there. However, There is more to this story.

Be the provider for your family. (Shelter, food, clothing..etc)
Be the spiritual leader for you family.
Protect your family from harm.
Fight for what is right.

Usually fighting for what is right just means standing firm and using words. On occassion, however, it means using force.

This was not a complete list. Feel free to ad to it if you like.


renaissanceguy said...


The Christian man faces a dilemma, though. While you are right that men should be men and that women should stop trying to feminize us, we are called to promote peace. I think that Jesus' teachings allow for self-defense and for just wars, though. I definitely believe that they allow for the defense of one's own family and anyone who is being oppressed.

DeadMule said...

And can women defend themselves against attack? Or is that a man thing, RG.

Jeff Myers said...

I would add:

Pee standing up outside.
Always control the remote.
Eat raw meat.
Watch Dog the Bounty Hunter (his show is finally coming back!)
and finally...
A real man can talk his wife into sex and watching SportsCenter at the same time.

Mookie said...

To Jeff's last accomplishment of real men.....Even if I did have cable to watch sportscenter....I must not be a real man..I couldn't do that no matter how much my life depended on it!