Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Life Isn't Fair

What a load of crap. Seriously where in the world do these people get their law degrees. What is wrong with the justice system today when "paper money" discriminates against the blind. We will now follow the fate of Russia as we spend our country into the toilet attempting to right every wrong that has happened through out life.

You will be forbidden from speaking because you might be discriminating against a deaf person in the room. At first you will think sign language is the answer but, no, there may be a blind person in the room missing out. The last straw will be the systematic adjustment of all toilets to a mere 11 inches off the floor. Sure it will be uncomfortable for you, but all those midgets around the country will be far more comfortable.

Terrible things happen. You can't fix them all. That is life. When I was a child a can remember crying because my brother had gotten more (insert whatever here). I bawled to my mother who told me "life isn't fair". Was my mother the only person in the country teaching this lesson?


Mookie said...

Along with your mother, my parents, practically ever adult I ran into proclaimed the same idea of life not being fair. So, we need to check the wording of the actual decree, because if I remember correctly, our "paper" money is actualy a blend of cotton and linen that closely resembles paper. Make them define paper, and then file a motion of reversal due to the fact that I am offended by this ruling, and any subsequent changes it may bring about. I may have to develop an allergy to non-paper money as well.

Jeff Myers said...

I'm offended by my "lack of" paper money! Where's my justice?!

Anonymous said...

Your mother must have known my mother.