Thursday, May 15, 2008

My List

I was "tagged" by Godfather at The Slow Bleed. I don't normally participate in things like this, however, I am making an exception for the following reasons.

1. I like The Slow Bleed and want to promote the site and ideas found therein.
2. I enjoyed finding out a little bit more about the individuals who responded.
3. It only takes a minute.

So here goes. And just one more thing according to the rules I am not required to explain any of the following.

1. Family
2. Good friends
3. Riding my motorcycle
4. Playing baseball/football
5. Children laughing
6. Adrenaline
7. Good Debate
8. Flying
9. Being outdoors
10. Making a difference

No tags on this one. Hope you enjoyed the list.


Anonymous said...

No Worries Jay,

My first...and only....tag. ~ Now I can say I did it. Both a compliment and annoying all at the same time!


Mookie said...

You know, if you ever get around to it, with a new niece or nephew for me, you could knock out numbers 1,2,5,6,7 (trust me, you'll have 7 come up a lot!), 9 and 10 at the same time!