Monday, May 19, 2008

The Gun

This is a 50 caliber Barrett sniper rifle. It's range is pretty much limited only by the curvature of the earth. Okay, so maybe I'm exagurating a little, but not much. It was a birthday gift for my friend at a cost of roughly 7 thousand dollars. As shown it would probably sell for around 6 thousand, but this one is custom built.

What on earth does a private citizen need with a gun like that. Well, I'll be honest. You don't "need" it. There is nothing in the United States that can be legally hunted with this gun. It isn't practical for home defense. Unless of course you are Randy Weaver (search Ruby Ridge).

Still, I want one. I am told shooting this gun is amazing. The change in barometric pressure alone is like being slapped in the face.

At 3 dollars a round this isn't a cheap hobby by any stretch. So, I think I'll wait for now. Hopefully it won't be outlawed by time I get around to affording it.


Mookie said...

This is definitely the weapon in which earplugs don't do a whole lot when it comes to protecting your hearing. And yes, the recoil is something to be in awe of, as well as the effect it has on any object it hits. And yes, I too want one. Maybe just to have one, shoot some things know, create a pass through the side of a mountain I got too tired to climb over!

But then again, I want a collection of weapons that I will never fire, but merely colect for the antiquity and history of it all.
And while it isn't great for home defense, or legal for hunting, imagine having a daughter of dating age....and the look on the prospective suitor's face!!! If I ever have a girl, there will be a period in which I am a hated father!

Anonymous said...

I could come up with lots of witty comments (at least to me anyway) but I will just let my drool marks on the post do my talking...

Godfather (

Anonymous said...

Well, I have no interest in such things, but you go for it.