Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kennedy has Tumor

Senator Ted Kennedy has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Prognosis: Not Good. Survival rates are 1 year for advanced aggressive tumors and up to 5 for the slower kinds. Most pro-life, defend the border, cut social program conservatives have found Sen. Kennedy to be one of their biggest hurdles in the past. So I ask, is your compassion for this man bigger than your desire to see your political agenda come to fruition? I hope so.


Mookie said...

Sounds like a bad deal for him and his family. I wont hold politics over compassion, but I guess I havent learned how to have any form of true compassion for those I don't know...call it the stoic part of my heart that observes things and moves on?

DeadMule said...

I have always like Senator Kennedy and will keep him in my prayers.

Chelsey B. said...

Its Chelsey your long lost pal you left in MO.
We miss you guys! ALOT.
I think we are going to move to colorado next year, after I graduate.
Tell Naomi I miss her!
your dear pal

Anonymous said...

Yes, of course I feel compassion for him and for his family.

Chelsey B. said...

James wants to go back to school. He is going to start online classes in augest from Nazarene bible college. which is in colorado. And, I would really like to move there because I love it! lol If not next year some time in the future I hope.
Other than that we are really good Ill have to send you pics of our house. It has gotten a little far but it makes me happy!
How is everything going with you guys? Is Naomi super busy? We will have to come see you guys! When we have money lol.