Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Post that Never Happened

Originally I was going to post about abortion and the death penalty today. My original thought had to do with how strange it is that liberals want to kill an innocent fetus but save a guilty criminal from the death penalty. Seems strange doesn't it. I had my points all ready to go, including a personal story to make it more relatable. However, as I was about to start I thought I'd ad a picture of a "fetus" at 10 weeks. The first picture that popped up was of an actual abortion at 10 weeks. I cannot in good conscience put that picture on my blog.

I have heard people say that they are against abortion personally, but they won't force their beliefs on anyone else. What!? With all due respect, that is ia cop out.

Some things are up for personal decision. Whether or not to eat meat, driving a hybrid, praying in the morning or evening. Abortion is not one of those things. You can only be on one side of this fence. You can even be undecided, but you can't say "I wouldn't do it, but I won't say that you can't."

Listen to how that sounds for other moral decisions. I would never steal, but I'm not saying you shouldn't. I would never commit adultery, but I'm not saying that you shouldn't. I would never murder, but I'm not saying that you shouldn't.

I too am pro-choice. The only difference is when that choice occurs. I believe the choice happens before conception, not after.

If you believe abortion is a good option for a mother not wanting a child that is your right. However, I would ask that you see for yourself the "fetus" that is removed.



Mookie said...

I guess this presents a bit of a conundrum for me, and I anticipate a rather lengthy lecture coming my way but here goes...
Like you my pro-choice stance stands best before any possible babymaking activities occur. And I myself would never consider abortion for my child. Lucky my wife feels the same way, because I would have to impose on her rights should she not, mostly because it is my child too, and I believe in equal rights of a father.
As for " not saying someone else can't abort their baby", I'm not one of those people who go to clinics and protest it. I just don't voice my opinion on the matter unless asked, generally. If someone tells me they're pregnant and are going to get an abortion, I will discuss the option of adoption, and go over the gruesomeness of what happens during an abortion, but inevitably I can't see myself taking the person and telling them they can't, if they should choose that as their option. I'll disagree with their decision, but its not for me to judge them, but between them and God when their day in His court arrives.

All In said...

Let me clarify. I'm not saying anyone needs to protest or shake someone until they agree. I'm saying when it comes to the morality of it, there is right and there is wrong.

Here in Billings there is a group that protests outside the planned parenthood facility between my home and work. I don't believe this is something that works. We have to love the people who are considering abortion. Even those who go through with it. However, whether or not it is wrong isn't up for discussion in my book.

No lecture is coming your way. We are in total agreement. I just don't see how a person can not see the morality issue as anything other than right and wrong.

Mookie said...

yes, on the morality of it, I find abortion to be wrong, so yes we're in agreement. And I was hoping for a lecture anyways, since that would most likely involve a phone call. I'd call you, but I always seem to catch you in the middle of something, or about to be in the middle of something! That and I like arguing side issues into oblivion!

DeadMule said...

Hi Jay, What I cannot understand is how people can be against abortion and pro-execution. I see the innocence factor. But what I don't see is how born-life is less valuable the unborn-life. Truth is, it isn't. So if you really want to make an impact on saving lives, align yourself with those who are against the death penalty.

I am one of those you don't agree with: against abortion but unwilling to deny others their right to choose. So call me names, if you wish.

But wait a minute. Have you watched an execution? That is what you are asking others to do with respect to abortion.

There are too many anti-abortion people and not enough opposing the death penalty, never mind how many are not guilty.

DeadMule said...

Now for a positive look see this:

Jeff Myers said...

I hate engaging in this sort of discussion anymore. There's never a positive outcome. It still ultimately boils down to a matter of opinion or convictions on the matter.

Based on Jesus teaching on forgiveness and other Biblical teaching on justice - here is where I come down on the whole death penalty issue. I believe the Christian's mandate in all situations should be forgiveness. Not just forgiveness in word, but in action. Therefore if any given Christian can stop an execution, they should. Now before all the right-wingers wet themselves, let me say that I distinguish between Biblical laws that were directed at individuals and laws that were directed to governments (in this case the nation of Israel specifically). What God did in the Old Testament was give the government authority to carry out just executions - not individuals. It is important that the government carry such punishment out in order to keep the peace and protect it's citizens. That said, individual Christian need to step off of the death penalty soapbox and show the world the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. If government sees fit to carry these penalties out, that's it's job and is considered just in the eyes of God. It's never considered just for an individual believer to carry out the death penalty or raise a fuss about it.

All In said...

Deadmule - I am not going to say I'm all in on the death penalty. I would be more in line with Jeff on that matter. I think that is something for the state to discuss, and as individual Christians we should be about showing Christ through the way we treat others, including criminals.