Saturday, May 24, 2008

How Whites Get Everything

This is the secret white people don't want blacks to know. When we are born after a dna test to confirm there is no black dna that has crept into our bloodline we are bestowed a manual. This is a handbook designed to show you how to get the advantage over other races in all situations. Unfortunately there is no section in this book regarding how to dance, dunk a basketball or sing the blues. Apparently those are sections our white ancestors failed to master.

In reality I've been reading lately in a few blogs about "white privilege". In the name of full discloser, I am a white guy of Scottish ancestry. That doesn't mean I wear a kilt and play bagpipes in the same way a black person doesn't automatically eat watermelon.

Here are my thoughts on the subject of white privilege. I didn't ask to be born white. I'm not going to feel guilty about something that I can't control. I think there is some modicum of racism left in America. It is not what it used to be. It is getting better with each passing generation.

Part of the definition of "white privilege" describes this as an advantage not shared by all. A person who didn't grow as tall also shares a disadvantage they can't control. Normal sized models have a disadvantage. Bald actors share a disadvantage when it comes to getting leading roles in major motion pictures. I am not saying that these are all equal but they have the same premise. A person with a disadvantage being discriminated against by the general population.

Here is what I want those complaining about race to understand. You are not helping your cause when you group white people into a category that is deemed "racist". Not all whites are racist. In fact most are not. Not all whites are rich. Many of us don't have much money at all and live paycheck to paycheck. So when we hear that whites are granted jobs/money, we wonder why we were left out. Am I not white enough? Many of us had our own handicaps that caused discrimination. Perhaps the discrimination you encounter is worse.

I don't know of a law that can be changed that would make things more equal. In the letter of the law things are equal, even if not in its enforcement. When it comes to the masses there may still be prejudice lurking within. That is easing with the passing of time as whites and black spend more time with one another and with the Asian and Hispanic. That is what the United States is all about. The melting pot. What is black is American. What is Scottish is American. What is Mexican is American. America takes what is great from all of us and makes it her own. We are all Americans and we are in this together. Life is hard enough with out seeing the hyphenated race.

So from one white guy. Will you please stop calling me racist? If you have a problem with an individual, even me, call him by name. You might be surprised how many white people join along side you.


Jeff Myers said...

I think the majority of the racism in this country falls squarely in the lap of the one group of people who spends the most time trying to educate against it - the media.

The majority of the time African-Americans are cast in roles they are denegrating, stereotypical roles. Violence amidst the black community barely merits a blip on the radar of the local news, but if the same violent acts are enacted agains whites you may hear about the tragic story for weeks. If any other predominantly white country was experiencing even half of the violence and disease that the countries of Africa are experiencing, the national news would cover it non-stop.

Most churches can't hold a candle to the level of hypocrisy carried out by the media.


DeadMule said...

No Jay, I won't. I've been called by God to fight racism in this country, and I'll do it 'til I die. Racism is alive and well in this country and will be until we decide otherwise.

I will sing out loud and clear because most white pastors won't. White privilege is something we must give up. Systemic racism is as wrong as individual racism. But there's a good chance people who don't recognize systemic racism are individual racist, too.

Mookie said...

Maybe I'm misunderstanding here, Deadmule, but are you saying that you can't stop callng Jay a racist simply because racism exists within America? And I guess, you also have to look at racism that goes the other way around...the thing some coined as "reverse racism" (which is an impossibility, but whatever). I find it odd that if a white person discusses issues of race, he is hateful, racist, bigoted in his views, whatever. However if a black person speaks on it, it is okay, even if what they say is entirely negative in connotation. That somehow a black is deserving to spew hatred simply because his grand or great-grandparents were slaves, or part of the civil rights violence, etc.
And the biggest issue of racism I see in America these days is not some idiot in a robe throwing a burning cross into someone's yard, but rather those in power who "give" privilege back.
Things like affirmative action are counterproductive and unchecked welfare disbursement are clearly derogatory in nature as they slowly bleed the pride out of the recipients of such programs.
Bill Cosby has a lot to say these things.

Anonymous said...

Considering the fact that some of my black classmates in high school now make more money than I do now, they must have gotten ahold of the handboook. They apparently found out our secret.

Just like me they got a high school diploma by going to class and turning in their assignments. Just like me they worked during the summer to develop good habits and save up for college. Just like me they went to college and got a degree. Just like me they embarked on a career and put all their effort and talent into it.

Who would have thought that black people could actually accomplish all those things?

Actually, I thought so all along. Unlike certain racists, otherwise known as Affirmative Action advoates, I believe that black people are every bit as capable of succeeding as white people.

Anonymous said...

Great post Jay, not sure where Deadmule is going.

Reverse racism is just as bad as racism itself - perhaps worse. General racism can sometimes be explained by lack of education (no excuse though). Reverse racism is the actual knowledge it is wrong but doing it anyway.

Racism is also continually confused with general discrimination (which may have nothing to do with race).

What gets me, is people that are in power to make a positive change but choose not to. Spike Lee comes to mind for example. He could have used is influence to promote equality, but instead promoted that Blacks should get back at the Whites for what was done years ago.

It is getting better, and I agree that it has a long way to go, but both sides need to work at it.

Godfather (

Mookie said...

In the name of full discloser, I am a white guy of Scottish ancestry. That doesn't mean I wear a kilt and play bagpipes

You wouldn't happen to be a school janitor where the animated Simpson kids go to school would you?