Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Has Sufferage Gone Too Far?

This is something I've been thinking of blogging about for some time now. After having it come up in at least a couple blog threads now I thought I'd throw out my official opinion which has changed quite a bit over the years. So here ya go.

First of all, individuals races in local elections. In my opinion these should be up for all voters who can pass a basic government test. You should know how many branches of government there are, how many Supreme Court justices, how a bill becomes a law. I don't care if you are 5 or 500 if you can get that far you should be able to vote in local races. Issues are another story. In local bond or levy issues you shouldn't be allowed to vote unless it will affect your pocket book. If you don't own property, you don't get to vote in the property tax issue. Sorry. No more stealing out of my pocket to finance your project. Just that simple.

National and State elections. Pretty much the same just some minor differences. You must be at least 18, pass the short government exam located at the top of each ballot, and answer a multiple choice (2 options) question at the top of each race asking what the position is responsible for. Sorry don't get to vote for the Secretary of State if you don't know they are the chief election official in the state.

I don't want to change the outcome of elections. If republicans win great, if democrats win fine, if independents or libertarians win hurray. I really don't care. I just want those going to the polls to be informed.

No really, every one shouldn't vote. If you think everyone needs to vote then you apparently haven't taken a look around in a while. You obviously haven’t watched Jay Leno's Jay Walking routine. Seriously there are a lot of people out there who are not ready to vote. First they need to have at least a basic understanding of how our government works. Am I asking too much?


DeadMule said...

You are going too far. Informed by whose standards? Tests to vote. No. One person one vote.

Mookie said...

As much as I believe, on a rather humorous level, that some people (like those on the Leno show feature) shouldn't be allowed to vote, I do think it would infringe upon their equal rights bestowed upon them via the Constitution and Bill of Rights. So, I think, depsite some personal conflict with some people's intelligence levels, I have to definitely agree with Deadmule on this one.

All In said...

I'm not saying they don't have the right to vote. They do. They simply must show that they understand how our government works.

Mookie said...

But in effect, if they fail the test, you don't count their vote...and if you dont count it, you stripped them of their rights. And that is where I see the problem...driving is a privilege, and therefore can ask for proficiency tests beforehand, but not voting.

All In said...

You don't get to excersize your right to carry a concealed weapon until you pass the test. In addition in most states felons are stripped of the right to vote. Those under 18 don't get to vote.

Just as mishandling a hand gun can have serious repercussions, so does voting. You ought to understand the basic principals of government before you vote. It is ludicris to put the destiny of our country in the hands of people who have no basic understanding of what they are doing. You don't let children decide what they want for dinner. If you did it would be "dad is great, he gave us the chocolate cake".

Mookie said...

Well, under 18....you are under the care and consideration of yor parents. Ultimately they are responsible for you.
Trust me, I understand your argument against stupid people. I really do. I think your comparison to the 2nd ammendment is off a bit. You have the right to carry a weapon, they didnt say concealment of said weapon was a right, but merely the ability to keep and bear arms (okay, I'm arguing semantics here, but...)
As for your last line...nice pull from Bill Cosby!! Dani and I saw his show in Des Moines here in May

All In said...

To be clear my arguement is not against stupid people. It's against those who simply don't care enough about the system to know how it works. That is different from stupid people. Even "stupid people" can know how a bill becomes a law.