Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Not Because You're Christian

I love politics. Really for me the presidential elections rival the Super Bowl in excitement, and the primaries are on par with playoffs. While the NFL playoffs come around every year like clockwork, presidential elections are so exciting that they are only allowed to occur every 4 years. This years' contenders, Barak Obama and John McCain.

You may think I'm just kidding but I'm not. If you talk to my wife you'll understand her misery. I subject her to various news channels day and night, and when the news is done it's time for analysis. It really is 24 hours a day with me. Some people yell at the TV during scary movies, others yell at the refs on television when they perceive a poor call. I yell at the TV when I see Olbermann or OReilly "miss a call". I've got a problem, no question about it.

You hear sometimes how as Christians you have an obligation to vote this way or that. How even has a Christian you have an obligation to vote. Really? I would disagree. As an American over the age of 18 you have the RIGHT to vote, not an obligation to vote. If you do vote you have an obligation to know the issues, but that is a topic for another post.

My point today is that if you call yourself a Christian you aren't required to vote, you aren't even required to be patriotic. In fact I would suggest that as a Christian we should be more concerned about individual people and their salvation on a global level rather than whether you are a republican or democrat. Rather than whether you are an American or Frenchman. Rather than whether you are for capitalism or socialism.

I know I'm stepping on some toes here, but would someone please show me where Jesus took a stance on a political issue. Sure, He caused a little riff between Pharisees and Sadducees, but he never took a position regarding roman occupation. He didn't address the national pride of the Jewish people. Instead He avoided the issue of taxes, and went straight to the heart of the people to whom He was speaking.

You might be a republican, you might be a democrat, conservative, libertarian, liberal, American, member of the military, but it isn't because you are a Christian.
Sure you may select your party based on biblical principals, but you are not commanded by God to join any political parties.
Vote Republican;)


Eve said...

Jesus did take a stand on taxes, actually. He specifically told his disciples to pay their taxes ("render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's...") and provided the means for them to do so.

I think Jesus loved politics, for he was one of the most outrageous political commentators of His time!

I have to chuckle about Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey, though. That's a funny bumper sticker. Love your blog, having gotten here via Renaissance Guy's recommendation.

DeadMule said...

Good post, Jay. I am a Democrat because I am a Christian. I think Democrats are less selfish than Republicans (as a party not individuals). I know the argument that Democrats freely spend other people's money. I say, it's not really their money. The Bible does say, "The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof." The money we "earn" belongs to God and should be used to make sure everyone has his/her basic needs met.
Vote Democrat

All In said...

That is what I meant by "avoided the issue". He didn't tell them to fight the system as would have been expected of the Messiah. Instead he simply accepted the status quo. Interesting.

Welcome to my blog Eve. Thank you for your comments. I hope you return often.

Mookie said...

I would say I'm a conservative (not a republican, although I generally lean that way) because of the Christian principles. Conservatives look to leave the individual the freedom to make their own choices...compare that to God issuing man Free Will. And also the fact that coupled with free will is the concept of consequences. If I go out and do something, I can expect to either be rewarded or punished for my actions.
I see most liberals as you said, wanting to spend "other people's money" regardless of their wishes. Yes, you can say that all that we possess is still under God, and therefore should be used to further help all of his people. I get that, but I still understand that it should be my choice. Democrats often seem to vote on issues that affect my pocketbook, regardless of my stake in the issue, henceforth FORCING my participation. I also see oftentimes the shedding of responsibility of persons, more so today than the day of my mother and father or grandmother/father. Lawyers are predominantly, and oftentimes largely supportive of, democrats tell me if I spill hot coffee on myself, or trip and fall breaking my leg that it is in fact not my fault, but someone else's and they should pay for it all. And if your poor, it's the fault of the rich, so we need to take their money...
I disagree with these positions, and I view tham as very anti-Christian (again, merely my opinion, and I encourage any education that may counter this belief of mine), and therfore I can never be a liberal democrat.
On a side note, the bumper stickers....the democrats always have the good ones!

DeadMule said...

Jay, I snitched the one about the donkey but couldn't give credit on my blog due to my lack of blogging skills. Helen

All In said...

I saw that. It was my favorite bumpersticker too.

~Moi~ said...

This is an interesting post and I am sure glad that voting is not a salvation issue. :) You and my father would get along famously. He listens to, I think, every talk show just about available during election years. It is insane. I don't ever vote a straight party, I vote for issues that are moral or ethical issues to me personally.

All In said...

Moi, thank you for visiting my site. You're comments are always welcome.