Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Obama: A New Level of Hypocrisy

Today the Democratic Party is filing a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in to
compel the Federal Election Commission to investigate McCain's decision to
unilaterally withdraw from the matching funds program -- after he had used the
promise of public funds to help secure a loan, and also to get on the ballot in
some states. In addition, for a candidate to get out of the agreement, a request
would need to be granted by the FEC. (This is straight from the DNC website)

I intentionally didn't write a blog about Obama's "change of heart" when he decided to forgo his promise to accept public financing in favor of taking WAY more money from his donors. It was a gigantic reversal, some would even say flip-flop, but I let it go. Mostly because had I been his advisor I would have made the same recommendation. Sure he is going to take a hit from the media for changing this position after his bashing the private financing system, but the added money to his campaign will almost surely secure his victory in November.

This on the other hand is so far beyond hypocrisy that I just couldn't let it go unchecked. Obama this is the most hypocritical thing you could do. Yes I know this is the party and not you. However are you not the parties nominee, and if you can't control them, how can you claim to be a leader of anything, let alone the president of the United States.

Obama's slogan should be: Obama, a new level of hypocrisy.


Mookie said...

TO be honest, the political wrangling aside, I don't know if I care one way or another that the opting out of federal election funding happens, regardless of previous commitment to it. I just wonder what happens to that reserved $45 million per candidate (or whatever the amount is). Does it stay in some elctoral slush fund held by the parties, get wiped off the books as though it never existed, or do they take the money and use ot to pay off a few things we owe on?

DeadMule said...

Pay off things we owe on? That's unAmerican, isn't it?

DeadMule said...

I should have mentioned that question's rhetorical. Not meant to prove you're inconsistent. LOL

Mookie said...

LOL.....Thankyou Deadmule...I have again been forced to spit coffee all over the keyboard at the sarcasm in your rhetorical question!

All In said...

I don't care if they flip flop all day long. I don't care if they take the money or finance themselves. It's all political. But filing suit for something you did only one day prior is out of control. Did you really think noone would notice? More rhetorical questions.

DeadMule said...

Are we, the royalty of rhetoric, having fun yet? LOL