Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Is this a problem?

Two Muslim women were prohibited from sitting behind the podium at Barack
Obama’s Monday rally in Detroit, apparently so their headscarves would not
appear in photographs with him, according to a report Wednesday in the
The Washington-based Web site reported that Obama campaign
volunteers said the women could not wear the hijabs behind the candidate, though
they gave different reasons for the rule.
One volunteer said that one of the
women could not be seen on TV with Obama “because of the political climate and
what’s going on in the world and what’s going on with Muslim Americans,”
according to the Muslim woman’s friend.
The other volunteer gave a less
political explanation to the other woman, according to the article, claiming
nobody with any kind of headpiece could sit behind the stage. -foxnews

You know this really isn't surprising to me. In addition I really don't care. If I were Obama's campaign advisor I would have done the same thing. Campaigns are won based on image, not on policy. Here however is the rub. The double standard. If John McCain were to tell those women they had to sit elsewhere due to there head attire there would be a political firestorm calling him racist.

Should these women have had to move?

Are you offended Obama isn't more idealistic in his campaign?

Would it be OK for McCain to do the same? Why, Why not?

Is a campaign more about image than truth?

Would a woman with a headscarf in the background make you uneasy?


Eve said...

Would it have been a problem if the women were Roman Catholic nuns wearing nun's habits?

Would it have been a problem if the women had been Barbara Bush and Coretta Scott King?

Would it have been a problem if the ladies had been Mennonites?

Would it have been a problem if they had been two Orthodox Jewish men wearing yarmulkes?

I think either candidate asking people to move because of their cultural or religious attire is shallow. But, yes, it's all about image in politics. If it were about real substance, neither of these candidates would be on the ballot in my opinion.

DeadMule said...

Obama has been accused of almost everything and has to protect himself against the few things he hasn't been accused of yet. Of course, it's shallow. Of course, it's about image.

But he's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't, because a lot of people hate him.

It's about the best vhance to get elected.

Shirley said...

I keep trying to believe that somewhere there is someone with more substance than image. Surely out of this huge country of ours there is a statesman, a Leader, an honest man.

It truly scares me to think otherwise.

Mookie said...

Well, Shirley, with all due respect, I do believe there is such a person to lead our country. Unfortunately they are either corrupted before rising high enough through the ranks, are laughed at by the controlling parties/media, or just plain doesn't make sense to your average American voter.
Afterall, you are talking about a nation who's attention is often found captivated by shows like Jerry Springer as serious entertainment and not just the circus freak show thatit is.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe there is a politician alive that would not have made the same decision (in a campaign).

Sure, this was Obama who is fighting this image but do you think McCain, who is not, would have had these women behind him on camera? Of course not.