Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Proud Uncle

Just doin' a little fishin in the front yard. No water though. ahh who needs it.

I'm sure all parents are suckered in by the look on the face of their children. I don't know how I would say no to that face.

Yep, I like the hair-do too. Thanks for puting up with me showing you the pictures in my wallet.


Shirley said...

You're not being a sucker to succumb to such faces. You're probably doing the will of God...for after all He put those looks there, didn't He.

Wait 'til you have grandchildren. Unbelievable joy. While I swatted the four of my own plenty of times, I've never tapped a one of my 12 grandchildren. Why? They're so perfect they don't need it, of course.

Joel, one of my older grandchildren, now a father of three himself tells it this way: "We knew we were safe at Granny's and we could pretty much do what we wanted. It was our "House of Refuge."

Mookie said...

To add to Shirley's story....the problem was in having to return home to the father sacrificing your hind end for your own redemption!

Mookie said...

And I do have to add...those kids look WAY too much like your brother!! It's scary, man, just scary!