Monday, June 23, 2008

Close Encounter with 4 Gay Women

The vehicle rolled in slowly though it was still running. Just as soon as the Ford Explorer stopped people started hopping out. The first two were ordinary bubbly young ladies. The second two on the other hand gave away what this was all about. Not the flat tire on the rear drivers side, not yet visible from my vantage point, but that this group was in town for the gay pride rally.
With me were two other guys. We watched for a moment as these 4 women, 2 of which looked like women, made an attempt at solving the problem that ailed them. It was not going well. They quickly located the jack and a tire iron, but looked at them with bewilderment as it was one of those factory installed contraptions with many pieces which must be connected before use. They could not locate the spare tire, despite 2 of them apparently wanting to be men.
Off my companions and I went to the rescue. We quickly removed the spare tire from its neatly hidden location, and replaced the flat with its full size spare. Problem was the spare was low on air. Not an issue for us. As men are required to have at all times an air compressor within arms reach. The spare was inflated to its proper level and all in under 5 minutes.
2 of the women dressed in flowing sun dresses were grateful for our efforts, and thanked us sincerely. The remaining half of their party, dressed in baggy clothes to hide any hint of a womanly figure, scowled at us scarcely uttering a word.
I am only left to presume this look was intended as some sort of "man to man" intimidation. It is good to know that no matter how perverse our society becomes, no matter what gender a woman decides to see romantically, there will always be a place for a man when it comes to changing tires... and killing spiders.


Mookie said...

"As men are required to have at all times an air compressor within arms reach."


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Eve said...

OK, this was really funny! LOL!

Shirley said...

I wish--just wish--I could have seen this. A marvelous story.