Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Obama Pay Attention

JERUSALEM — Palestinian militants on Tuesday fired three homemade
rockets into southern Israel, the first such attack since a cease-fire between
Israel and Gaza militants took effect last week.
Israel condemned the attack as a "gross violation" of the
truce, but did not say whether it would retaliate.
The barrage wounded two
people and capped a day of violence that presented the truce with its first
serious test.

Barak Obama pay attention you will likely be the next president of the United States. This is why you can't reason with Iran, Venezuela, Cuba or just about any other tyrannical dictator. They have no honor and will break the truce just as soon as they sense weakness. They have vowed to wipe Israel off the map. If they accept a cease fire it is a strategic decision based on achieving the goal of domination, nothing more.


Mookie said...

Your personal opinions of how the Palestinian people were displaced, aside...
A few things to think about:
1. The other Arab nations are like our congress, they talk alot but provide no viable solution. Every single Arab nation to date, since the beginning of the the State of Israel being reformed in 1948, has rallied around the cause of the Palestinians, and yet will not accept their refugees, even going so far as enslaving and murdering them, refusing them peaceful quarters.
2. When Palestine attacks Israeli cities, every justification you can think of will be used and accepted. Loss of Israeli civilian life, disruption of their economy is of no consequence, as it is secondary in nature. This point is mere justification of point number one that Israel is the one to blame for all injustices against Palestinians. The UN conforms to this way of thinking despite being the brain behind the plan to form Israel.
3. Any attempt to defend itself, Israel is accused of hate crimes, and blatant violations against humanity. Propoganda is used to ensure the world sees all the civilians who were attacked and killed. No mention is made about rocket systems being found and destroyed in residential neighborhoods by Palestinian militant organizations. Any mention of it is quickly followed by arbitrary arguments that Israel responds too heavily against attacks on its country. A one man special tactics soldier who systematically eliminates the confirmed terrorists responsible for individual incidents would also be considered a heavy handed response. Attempts to take enemy combatants into custody for a trial of any kind would be considered an illegal kidnapping, or extraordinary rendition of some sort by the international community.
4. No matter what happens, short of allowing attacks to go constantly unanswered, Israel will be condemned. If they opt for this route, they will be accused of allowing genocide to occur within their own borders.
5. The only acceptable negotiations amongst factions like Hamas, seem to be how to go about the absolute literal elimination from Israel.

Should be a good negotiation process for our next President.

All In said...


Great comment. Can you imagine if Israel were to care about how they are viewed "overseas" the way we are told we should from the left. It would mean total elimination of the country. It would mean the same for us. Only difference is how long such elimination would take.